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About the Farm

Stroll through our gorgeous farm and pick some perfect apples.

Enjoy a picnic lunch in a breathtaking New Hampshire setting.

What We Do

We are a family owned and operated pick your own apple orchard. We open in May for ice cream, and you can visit the country gift shop, farm friendly animals, and playground. Seasonal apple activities begin in late August or early September.

green apples.jpg

Who We Are

Dennis and Mary purchased the orchard in 2008. The home farm is 23 acres with 12 fenced in acres consisting of 3,200 trees. They purchased a second farm, increasing the number of trees to 4,000, adding peaches, pears, plums, cherries, and nectarines. They also have laying hens producing amazing farm fresh eggs year round. In the summer months and into the fall, there are fresh vegetables, raspberries, blueberries, and pumpkins, in addition to the pick your own orchard with over 20 varieties of apples throughout the season.

Scamp –
Appleview Kitty

Scamp is the Appleview Kitty of 20+ years! She's been at the farm longer than Dennis and Mary! Scamp

loves the attention of employees and customers. She can be found in the orchard, on the porch, on the picnic tables, or in the store on her bench. She loves ice cream, hugs back when you pick her up, purrs when held, and enjoys being the center of attention. 

Appleview cat "Scamp" sits in front of purple mums.
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